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Rich - 2001 Jeep Wrangler 60th Anniversary

I had been looking for a nice Jeep and came across this 2001 Wrangler 60th edition. Jeep is in great condition looks and runs great! I was in a bind with the my current car, the only way I could start it was by popping it into gear... I did not know who would even want to take the car but once I called the guys at cali they wanted to know the service history and if the car was in good shape and I told him my car had an issue starting but the engine and clutch is in good condition he asked me to bring it because he would definitely be fair with the trade in value but he could not give me a number over the phone. I brought the car here Cali Auto and I could not believe how fair these guys treated me! I am extremely happy that they could of taken the car off my hands because nobody that I took the car to in order to get fixed knew what the issue was! So I got rid of my car and got this nice Jeep, thank you very much guys for helping me out!

Randy - 1999 Ford Tauru Wagon

My name is Randy from the York area. I had a 1970's van that was costing me a fortune and was looking for a cheap car! Came across these guys in the paper and I could not believe my eyes 1999 Ford Taurus wagon, only $900.00 Cash! Wow, I drove up here and the car wagon in good shape, we jump started the car and it was so quite the engine was so silent and solid! Just needed the car for a daily driver and this was perfect! These guys are really nice Christian people, honest up front and sincere. They tell you everything up front of what they know about there vehicles and if the vehicle has been serviced, all records are available! Thank you guys!


I was selling my ford F250 7.3 Power Stroke diesel and was searching for an economical car to run around in... I had stopped by Cali Auto Group to look at this 2002 VW TDI, drove it and fell in love with it! Also, Cali had completed all the service, maintenance and inspected the vehicle for me, before picking it up! I was not expecting that but they offered and it was actually really nice of them to do that without having me request it... I would definitely refer them to anyone and do business with them again! I thank you for making my experience stress free and easy!


Thank you so much for working with us and this truck is amazing in every sense! I drove from Kansas to purchase this truck and I coordinated with a job that I took in Pennsylvania natural gas drilling. Cali Auto Group was only 2.5 hours south of where my job was going to be so I figure to swing by and purchase this truck if it was everything they described. It was exactly what they had described, this truck is in immaculate condition! Absolutely no rust, no wear on the tires, inside of the truck was like new (they were not kidding that this truck was like new), no torn seats, no cracked dash, carpet was like new! The transmission was solid, you could tell that the previous owner really took good care of this truck. Truck was all serviced and maintenance up to date! We got a great deal on this truck only $12,500, to find a truck this age in this condition where we are from (Kansas) would be really difficult! We are exremely pleased! Thank you very much Giovanni, you were very honest up front with us, my wife and I really enjoyed dealing with you. Keep up the good work! Jerald


Wow, I love this car!!! I have bought 3 diesel cars (VW TDI, 1999 MERCEDES DIESEL and now this 2005 MERCEDES CDI!!!) from Cali's within one year and have been very pleased with each car purchased ! What they say is true, upfront, honest, fair and easy to deal with them. They service all the cars they sell and make sure that the customer is happy with the vehicle and how they have been treated. Definitely not a high pressure dealership but more like family and friends atmosphere. There pricing is great amazing and the condition of the vehicles are really nice! Definitely would recommend them to any one who is in the market for a great used car, at a great, price and is tired of dealing with high pressure, pushy, dishonest dealerships! This car is amazing guys and thank you for the great deal!!!!